BarberQue 2016

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Held in Kells Park at the corner of Kedzie and Chicago Avenues, BarberQue set out to provide resources to a marginalized and often alienated group of people, create awareness around the issue of homelessness in Chicago, and build a community of acceptance and support. A play on the words “barber” and “barbecue”, the event featured a “barbershop in the park” where 50+ participants got a free haircut, wash and style.

A variety of social service organizations set up shop and free health screenings including blood pressure and cholesterol readings were provided by Northwestern University.


50+ food and toiletry care packages and more than 1000 clothing items were donated and given away.

Over 2000 articles of clothing were given away.

From noon until 4 PM, BarberQue’s two grills fired out 120 hot dogs, 200 hamburgers, 200 brats, 100 pounds of pulled pork, two cases of chicken breasts and a variety of sides in a “family-style” meal that encouraged mingling and conversation between homeless individuals, community members, and volunteers.

The Chicago Bears game streamed live on a flat screen in the dining tent.

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