Save the date: BarberQue Gift Drive – February 2018

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Last year, as you might remember, the BarberQue team held a Holiday Gift Drive. Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who donated! While the gift drive was very different from our summer event and in some ways much more solemn, it was still a really great experience. Standing under a bridge in -20 degree weather passing out gifts really drove home for us how truly lucky we are. And, the fact that this work we all do together is important.

In 2017, the ability to live one’s life with dignity and access to basic resources like shelter and food should be a given. That is the American promise… the American dream. And unfortunately, we are not there yet.

One thing that MeganIzla and I learned from that experience was that this time of year homeless individuals are FLOODED with “things” – to the point where it becomes a storage problem and the city gets involved.

So this year, we want you to SAVE THE DATE — the BarberQue Gift Drive will be held in February, when it’s brutally cold and the rest of the world has moved on from the season of “giving”.

We are also going to be more strategic in what we are looking for.

Items we want:
– Coats
– Sleeping stuff (sleeping bags, etc.)
– High quality gloves, hats, etc.
– Hand/Foot Warmers
– Propane
– Propane burners/camp stoves (this is how people heat their tents)
– $$$ to purchase for above items

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who donated last year.

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